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About Us


Media Technologies Consulting, LLC provides high level expertise to organizations that wish to investigate or implement multimedia technologies such as:


■ Videoconferencing

Digital Signage

Community and Campus Information Networks

■ Telepresence

■ Webcasting / Streaming media

■ Video Broadcasting

■ Video Production

■ Multimedia Conference Room Design & Implementation

■ Audio Visual

■ Office Automation.


Our company provides over 25 years of hands-on experience in the industry, with the past 28 years being focused on delivering and managing these technologies and services for premiere firms such as:


■ Wells Fargo

■ New York University

■ The World Bank

■ BMW of North America, LLC

■ Deutsche Bank

■ Bankers Trust Company

■ AllianceBernstein, LP

■ Salomon Brothers, Inc.


Whether serving as your liaison when dealing with Audio / Visual integrators, or providing complete design, implementation and operation of global video networks, Media Technologies Consulting can provide you with the information and expertise needed to implement these state-of-the-art tools, regardless of your own organization's size, or level of experience.


We are parent and partners with a small but diverse portfolio of companies, with the goal of focused customer satisfaction.


InTown.TV is our division that provides a unique medium for communities campuses and businesses to communicate and be aware of each other, and events that  are happening in town, in near real-time. InTown.TV prides itself on providing communities with the lowest cost, highest impact advertising in the area.






Company President, Daniel Hochstein, founded Media Technologies Consulting in 2003.


Formerly Vice President of Media Technologies for both Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust Company in New York City, Mr. Hochstein  uses his hands-on technical know-how and high-level management skills to advise Media Technologies Consulting clients on the design, creation, deployment and operation of corporate multimedia facilities.


Mr. Hochstein holds both CVE [Certified Videoconferencing Engineer] and CTS [Certified Technology Specialist] industry certifications.


A select, seasoned team of veteran multimedia professionals, drawing on years of corporate experience, rounds out the company's staff.


They share the firm's commitment to providing clients with the best possible technology and support solutions for their investment.


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