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Multimedia technologies are a critical component in today's business world.

Understanding, deploying and managing these technologies in this ever - changing field can seem like a daunting task.


Media Technologies Consulting, LLC can provide your organization, regardless of size, with the same real-world expertise and hands-on experience that has served major Fortune 500 firms for over 25 years.


Whether you seek to deploy video conference technology, broadcast a live event, construct a video broadcast network, build multi-function multimedia conference rooms, create an in-house Audio / Visual group, stream audio or video content, or utilize other visual and audio communications technologies; we can provide the assistance you need to make it happen, seamlessly and professionally.


We have designed, installed and managed global audio and visual communications networks since 1993, and have held Certified Videoconferencing Engineer certification since 1997. Few providers can come close to our level of real-world experience!


We are also the creators of                                                 , the unique in-house promotion technology that helps increase sales and



When you need the job done right the first time, choose us.


■ Consulting on AV Design, Implementation and Management ■ Multimedia Project Management ■ AV / IT Integration ■ Online

 Content Creation / Re-purposing ■ Vendor Management ■ Unified Communications ■ Webcasting ■  Video conferencing ■ Telepresence

■ Video Broadcasting - Live or delayed, via Satellite, Terrestrial Fiber, or Internet ■ Video Production ■ Digital Signage ■ DVD Authoring & Production ■ Video Standards Conversion ■ Screencast production ■ E-learning and Instructional Design ■ Streaming Media ■ Podcasting ■ Video & Audio Compression, Conversion & Digitization


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